The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Like everyone in the American public school system (presumably) I read The Great Gatsby for the first time in High School. Now that I teach said High School I had my Juniors read it and we just wrapped it up yesterday. Most of them hate it, but I hated everything then too so that’s normal. We all know that story. If you count the concurrent readings that I did, out loud, in class, I have now read The Great Gatsby five times. Not bad!

In The Great Gatsby Nick Carraway (our narrator) moves to West Egg and next to the mansion of Jay Gatsby, the don of parties most fabulous. Nick spends time with his cousin Daisy, her horrible husband Tom Buchanan, and their chum, Jordan Baker. Also Daisy and Tom have a daughter, her name is Pammy, by the way, and she’s barely mentioned. Tom is openly having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, who is a nag, and has beat down her husband George Wilson. Daisy stops caring about this when she starts her own affair with Gatsby, because they knew each other five years before, and also Gatsby has joined an organized crime syndicate to win her away from Tom. That always works. Of course Daisy doesn’t know that last part and when it comes to light she runs back into Tom’s arms and over Tom’s mistress (with Gatsby’s car no less). Tom then blames Gatsby for the crime and (at least gently) encourages Wilson to kill Gatsby, which he does, before committing suicide. If only Gatsby hadn’t replaced all his servants with mafia foot soldiers this wouldn’t have happened. Daisy and Tom leave town before they even find out Gatsby is dead and Nick breaks it off with Jordan because now shallow people gross him out.

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ATC #1305 Witch

ATC 1305 Witch

ATC #1305 “Witch”
Paper Collage, 2.5″ x 3.5″

I got really lazy about scanning collages at the end of last year so now I have some stragglers to post. I was making so many all-pastel collages that when I saw a WordPress challenge about witches (back in November 2013) I decided to make something really dark for a change and this was the result. The dress, which I love, is Roberto Cavalli Fall 2013 ready to wear. I usually like to obscure model’s faces in my collages, but this time I really felt like I shouldn’t. Instead she’s obscuring the face of the sheep in the background (if you were wondering what the heck that thing was).

Fashion: Mara Hoffman Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Mara Hoffman Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

I really enjoyed the Mara Hoffman Fall 2013 ready-to-wear runway presentation, um, a year ago, which is when I drafted this post. I have no idea why it took me so long to post this, maybe because I can’t think of anything to say about it aside from that I like it. Anyway, the chaotic use of print and neon is really charming and I still have to smile when I look through these images.

My Collection: Becky and Frank Commission

A while back Becky and Frank opened commissions for “Capture Creature Style” watercolors and I immediately got in line. I asked them for a painting of my rat, Estlin, with Lunar New Year elements. The piece is home and it’s quite large, almost filling the 8.5 x 11 paper, which I actually don’t love, I wanted it to be the same ratio as my other Capture Creatures piece, so now they really don’t go together. I know that’s a really strange complaint, but there it is. I will probably just put a large mat on it for framing to balance out the aspect ratio, maybe it’s having a painting of a rat that’s 3x bigger than a painting of a cat, yet they are in the same style … something is messing with my brain. That’s not to say that I don’t love it, because I do, I just love to complain too, apparently.

Their Tumblr post of this piece has nearly 300 notes which is awesome, I can’t believe people are so excited about something I commissioned, it’s a cool feeling.