Studio Portrait Friday, December 8th Edition

This is a two-week follow up post to Zombuki Iwa-Naga’s last studio post. Since it’s been two weeks there are a lot of photos, and she finishes her journey to being completed (scroll to the bottom to see her finished photo).

Studio Portrait Friday 12.8.17

My favorite part of customizing dolls is doing the little finishing details; I never feel like I’m comfortable with the design until this point. It’s my ah-ha moment. Iwa-Naga’s smaller dot pattern, which is started here, sort of resembles butterfly wings that fold out from her eyes.

Studio Portrait Friday 12.8.17

One last eye test! I wanted Iwa-Naga’s eyes to match her sister’s, so they’re the same style and were only foiled (no pupil) to keep that similar feel.

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Thanksgiving Wishes 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

What a beautiful tradition that we have here, posting this image from Addams Family Values and so on. You can really see the evolution of my life via Thanksgiving as celebrated on my blog.

Thanksgiving 2008 – I was only allowed to make cranberry sauce because this is when my mom still cooked. I ruined this pan with a hand blender, too, which was a bummer because it was a pan that an idiot gave me for an anniversary we don’t celebrate anymore because obviously we broke up. I do still use the same recipe though, and I love it.

Thanksgiving 2009 – The next year I was allowed to make actual side dishes, the green bean casserole from the Campbell’s soup can and an elaborate macaroni and cheese adapted from a recipe by Sir Alton Brown (wait, you say he hasn’t been knighted yet?).

Thanksgiving 2010 – The year when my mom abruptly cancelled the morning of, which really sucked. I didn’t go into it at the time and I don’t remember why she cancelled, but it’s just who she is, she’s that person.

Thanksgiving 2011 – My mom cooked again, and I remember this one vividly because my grandma Pokey was alive and being nuts. I tried to make her hard sauce (a British thing), but my mom poured most of the ingredients down the drain because she, too, is nuts. Then there was yelling and everything else is a blur.

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Five Common Inktober/Drawlloween Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Drawlloween 2017 by Mab Graves

As an art collector I both love and hate Inktober or Drawlloween or whatever it’s being called at the moment. Basically, the premise is that artists drawn/paint/create one item each day in October. Some people host challenges (the most famous is Mab’s Drawlloween Club) and others make up their own, but at some point everyone sells their pieces in some form. Theoretically these are supposed to be affordable pieces so that someone can support your art, it encourages both new and old collectors of an artist, and it also gives artists a nice income bump, essentially starting the holiday season a month early for them.

As a collector this should have me over the moon, but it doesn’t because Drawlloween/Inktober is almost always a mess from a collector’s standpoint. I mean, it even has multiple names; the disorganization is real (I swear, if someone start using Artober I’m done). I’ve changed my art collection in the last few years, I’ve moved away from prints and toward original art, and a lot of the time that means supporting up-and-coming artists who aren’t ‘big’ yet. In any given year I can anticipate buying from a minimum of half a dozen artists, but the average number of Inktober drawings I buy is one. Why? The twin pillars of competition and disorganization.

Competition is a real issue, lots of artists are participating in October art challenges, and almost all of them sell the work. People only have limited amounts of disposable income to spend on art, and so they are forced to pick and choose what to buy. The second issue is disorganization, art and meticulous organization of a business are not going to be on the same sides of the brain. However, thanks to the internet, a lot of artists represent themselves. That means that many artistic types need to step it up when it comes to running a business, even if they are just casually selling art online.

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Studio Portrait Friday, November 17th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday 11.17.17

Happy Friday, everyone! I skipped last week’s SPF because I’ve been busy (end of semester stuff) and haven’t worked on Iwa-Naga as much as I would have liked. Instead of two tiny SPF posts I decided to save last week’s photos and do this longer one instead. Here you can see her with her very short lived purple lips. I was planning on having grey lips, but got impulsive and made them purple, then immediately changed my mind again. I suppose SPF shows you how often I change my mind while painting the Zombuki girls.

Studio Portrait Friday 11.17.17

Finally! The ‘eyeshadow’ shape shows up, I’m so much happier with her in this photo. The pic above I’m like “What am I doing?” but this photo I’m like “Yay! She’s coming to life!” The grey lips, I think, are a much better fit. I see so many doll faceup artists that are posting these perfect, complete dolls every 2 days and I’m like how? I’m a bit of a slow rambler I guess. I need the dolls to speak to me, and that takes time.

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