Zombuki #71 Fairy Floss and Flower

Zombuki Fairy Floss

I should have posted these photos of Fairy Floss much sooner, but I ended up sharing Basil’s photos instead. Fairy Floss came first though and she’s one of the few Lil’ Head Zombuki dolls I’ve done. Made using a Little Pullip Miss Green on a 23cm Obitsu body, Fairy Floss has a head that’s more of a “normal” proportion. Because Lil’ Head Zombuki dolls have smaller heads, they also have a lower price point, and if you’re interested in adopting Fairy Floss, she is available in the shop.

Zombuki Fairy Floss

Flower is the first matching kokeshi I’ve made in a long time and I’m very happy with her. The idea of dolls have dolls is so adorably meta to me; I’m now going back and making one for Grumble Cake, too. Fairy Floss comes with this Art Plonsjeroze outfit that I took out of the plastic just for her. I’m still sad that there won’t be any new AP dresses, but it makes the ones I have that much more special.

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Shop: Pastel Chainmail Necklaces

Pastel Chainmail Necklaces by Walter and the Coov

Pastel Chainmail Necklaces in the Hidden Helix Pattern

Good morning everyone! I’m excited to announce that I pestered boyfriend into making me super girly pastel chainmail, and it’s now available in our shop. Above you can see two that are in the Hidden Helix pattern; the top is unwound and the bottom one is wound up. I always wear mine unwound because I like it better that way, but boyfriend likes it better in the spiral. Another thing that we will never agree on, like radishes, which I think are like little round nuggets of poison.

Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace

Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace in a Chunky Knot Pattern

Next up is a chunky Sky Blue Chainmail Necklace with silver accents. This one is in a chunkier knotted pattern, it makes me think of Celtic knots. It’s a bit funkier and larger for those wanting to make a bigger statement. Pastel chainmail(le) isn’t something that I’ve seen a ton of, but I love it because it’s so Pastel Goth. We will definitely be making more in the future and I’m so excited about it.

Doll Haul: Monster High Zombie Shake, Gloom and Bloom, Freaky Field Trip, and Creepateria

Monster High - Venus McFlytrap - Gloom and Bloom

Venus McFlytrap – Gloom and Bloom

Recently my Target decided to liquidize it’s entire Monster High section to (hopefully) make room for a much-needed stock update. Since most of the dolls had their prices cut in half I ended up picking out some new ones I hadn’t originally planned on buying. Above is the Gloom and Bloom series Venus McFlytrap, which I didn’t think I really even wanted, but now that I have her I absolutely love her. The dress and accessories are adorable, too; I’ve always liked Venus Flytraps, even though I accidentally killed the only one I’ve ever owned. The only bad thing is that my MH Venus had this nasty glue oozing out of the back of her hair when I unboxed her. I washed it out and I think she’s okay, but only time will tell if she has the creeping glue problem.

Rochelle Goyle - Zombie Shake Series

Rochelle Goyle – Zombie Shake Series

Next is Rochelle Goyle from the Zombie Shake 2-pack. Eventually I’d like to have ever Rochelle release and since this set was on sale for $15 I picked it up. The cracks on her arms and legs are way too dark for me, and mine has flecks of rogue teal paint on her face. I might fix all of that with a little acetone though. Her eye makeup is too dark for my taste, except the lipstick, the neckline of the dress is wonky, but I love the hair. A mixed bag, really.

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Shop: Dragon Scale Ring in Clear Water

Dragon Scale Ring - Clear Water

Dragon Scale Ring – Clear Water

New to the shop is this Dragon Scale ring in Clear Water. It made from the same materials as our Shana Logic dragon scale jewelry, but in a different colorway. The Clear Water color is more subtle than some of the others, but it’s beautiful all the same. In my personal wardrobe it’s the one I wear, I like how it matches almost everything (I can be very lazy about jewelry selection since I’m always running late!).

Dragon Scale Ring - Clear Water

Dragon Scale Ring – Clear Water

The focal piece is textured which allows for even more rainbow color reflection. The rings looks especially lovely in bright sunlight. The ring base is fully adjustable and rests around a 6.5 ring size. A matching necklace and earrings will be available soon, but you can contact me now if you want them faster.