Zombuki Coco’s Grassy Goth Photo Shoot

Zombuki Coco

Another retro-post for Zombuki Coco; for the life of me I do not know where my original posts are, but they are being restored. I’ve nicknamed this photo shoot with Coco “Grassy Goth,” which seems appropriate. Coco is wearing one of the outfits she went home home with (one of her “stock” outfits, as it were) and is standing in a field by my house. I didn’t use anything to help her stand, just balance, patience, and Coco’s own sturdy legs.

Zombuki Coco

The outfit consists of a handmade black and white polka dot pencil skirt layered under Cornice’s flower-shaped black lolita skirt, with a black Melancholy Kitties corset top, and, one of my all-time favorite Pullip stock items, Cornice’s hat. Coco was made using Cornice, so at least she gets to keep part of her original wardrobe!

Zombuki Coco

I wanted to give her sort of an Audrey Hepburn in mourning vibe, and I think she looks quite stylish.

Thanks for stopping by to view these photos of Coco!

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