Zombuki Kazami’s Roller Rink Photo Shoot

I took this roller skating themed photo shoot with Kazami ages ago, but I just now found the time to resize the photos. I almost forgot what a photogenic girl she was!

This outfit is one of the outfits she went home in, it really matches her pink personality. If you can believe it, this is almost all Barbie stuff; the tights, skirt, and roller skates are all Barbie. The fairy skirt was particularly hard to part with since it took me months to track it down, but luckily Rachel (Kaz’s mum) is a friend of mine, so I’ll still see it around.

The faux corset is from Kitten Walk and the roller skates were hand painted by yours truly. It took ages, but I’m very proud of them. The bag charms are from my own collection, and I think the bag is Pullip stock, but I can’t remember.

Ichigo-chan, Kazami’s kitten, is from Vonvonz Farm, like all awesome felt kittens. A gallery of the photo shoot with lots more photos is below. I hope you liked them and thanks for checking them out!

~ Brigitte


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