Zine Review: King-Cat #68

King-Cat | Issue 68 | 30 pgs | $3 | Available Online

King Cat 68King-Cat, by John P., doesn’t come out nearly as often as I like, in fact, it seems like a year passed between #67 and #68, and lo, it had. John’s style alone is enough to make even the weakest issues of this zine more than bearable, but there was something about the quiet tone of this issue that I particularly liked. For those not familiar with the zine, it’s organized into a series of one to five-page comics and short autobiographical vignettes, lists, and the like. John’s Buddhism is as apparent as his depression and the balance between them is very much a reality of the comic. The drawing style and handwritten text are as deliberately simple as the writing; King-Cat, however, is something you simply “get” or you just “don’t.”

Once in a while John illustrates Buddhist parables or other scenes, which are some of my favorite parts of King-Cat. This issue finds five comics on Diogenes of Sinone, a Cynic philosopher of olde (circa 412 BCE), where he, among other things, sticks it to Alexander the Great and gives people the business. It also has moments of clarity, moments of depression, and a wonderfully self-referential comic about the making of one of the comics. This issue, for me, is definitely worth owning.

Image from king-cat.net

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