Hello Kitty Blind Box Series 1

A lot of people were interested in my post on the Hello Kitty urban vinyl from Urban Outfitters, so I decided to go ahead and scan the box as a reference for those who are curious or who might be interested in collecting them.

As you can see they used the standard formula to a certain point but neglected to give the figures names or note the randomization on the box. I’m guessing Rainbow Hearts Kitty is pretty common because, of the 14 boxes I’ve opened, it’s been in 3 of them.

I also added these scans (the whole HK page, actually) to my friend’s vinyl toy wiki, Vinyl-Creep, in case you want to check them out there. Update: Link removed because the site is defunct :(

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Blind Box Series 1

  1. Nicolle

    I have 7 of the set so far, I love these little hello kittys!!! But actually, I have yet to get Rainbow Hearts, so not sure if it is as common as you stated. I did however get 2 of both sailor and I heart HK.

  2. Robyn

    OMG i x3 them
    I know this is …..(checking date)….
    3 years later but are they avabilable anymore???
    i need them


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