AC:WW Love Letters

When I was cleaning out my old site this past weekend I found these “love letters” that I transcribed from Animal Crossing: Wild World, which the characters in the game will show you randomly. Since they are my idea of romance I couldn’t help but bring them over here for all to enjoy.

Letter 1:

Mon petit chou chou,

Your head is like a golden cabbage raised with gem-encrusted compost in the gardens of paradise.

Your Secret Admirer

Letter 2:

My dearest,

Your skin is as luminous as Muenster cheese, sliced fresh daily in the deli of the heavens.

Your Secret Admirer

Letter 3:

Dearest muffin,

Your nose is like a succulent new potato, plucked at the height of … er … the potato season!

Your Secret Admirer

I think there are five different letters total, but I’m missing two. Perhaps I’ll find them again some day!

7 thoughts on “AC:WW Love Letters

  1. sounan

    Hey! I got your comment, you seem pretty rad. I’ll add you to my doll blogroll as well. I really like your Blythe photos by the way, really nice. Keep in touch!


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