Behind the Scenes

As you may already know, I take photos during the photo shoots for my Zombuki site of miscellany and the recent yukata shoot with Arabella was no exception. I thought this post was interesting enough that I’d share it here, too :3 The Flickr page for the photos opens if you click them so you can see larger versions …

Behind the Scenes #1 Behind the Scenes #2

I usually try to take a funny photo of myself with the girl I’m photographing just so I don’t take myself too seriously. You can see Bella’s head sticking out of the carrying case above, lol! They always look so silly in there, I wonder what people think when they see their giant apple heads poking out …

The photo on the right is the little lake that I like to take the “traditional costume” photos by, the only problem is that the trees have this strange bark that looks like it’s peeling off, and all of those trees are infested with insects.

Behind the Scenes #3 Behind the Scenes #4

The shoot was actually going well until I started finding bugs everywhere … Like this giant ant that was all over Arabella’s face! lol Bugs have gotten on the girls before but I’ve never had one wander around on one of their faces so much, it was actually kind of funny, so I had to take a photo.

I finally went inside and, as I was editing the photos, felt something in my hair @___@ Assuming it was a bug I tried it get it out without crushing it and finally felt it fall, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Later I found in wandering around the brim of my teacup. Le sigh! Doll photography is surprisingly adventure-filled!

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