Introducing Zombuki Pullip Kimi

My eighth Zombuki Pullip, Kimi, was officially announced today, you can view larger pics from her first shoot below.

Kimi was made for Rachel, who already owns Kazami, and wanted the American raver-style Kimi as a playmate for the Japanese ganguro-style Kaz.

Kimi wears a hoodie from Chloe’s Crazy Closet, skirt from Blythanol, and tights from Bom Bom. Her wig is a custom mix that I ordered from Kstarr (now defunct), so it’s one of a kind.

Her eyes are from Brainworm and have been backed by two different colors of foil (pink and green).

Kimi is a lot of fun to photograph, I see her as very full of life and energy! I think it’s all those curls.

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