Doll Carnival 2007 Pullip Prototypes

After fighting the good fight against’s crazy system of giant photos all smooshed together (download as php? wtf?) I bring you photos of awesome Pullip and Dal prototypes, coupled with my rambling opinions, score!

Dal Prototypes

#15 with the neon pink hair is very cool, with her distinctly European fashion sense (green track jacket with leopard socks and yellow messenger bag), I declare her adorable and buy-worthy.

#17 is brilliant and out of control, she looks like My Melody Jr. meets Cupcake Princess, I’d be thrilled if they actually followed through on making a Dal with an outfit this elaborate. Note Coral’s shoes, hehe, old shoes crop up over and over again in these shows, in a way it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has a hard time finding good dolly shoes.

Taeyang Prototypes

I’m not a Taeyang fan at all but “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” Taeyang (center front)? True! How awesome/hilarious is he? Purple hand alert! The “Toy Story 2” set in the back is just wrong, and the other two … what movies are those from?

Pullip Prototypes

The Taeyang in the back seems to imply that a male version of Veritas is in the works, which I applaud more than I would purchase. Is #26 from anything? I just love her, the insane cotton candy colored outfit is so wonderful and crazy, I’d buy her in a second. Also, is #27 Scarlet O’Hara or it just me?

Pullip Prototypes

Okay … we’ve seen #30 before! Remember those so-called “bathing beauty” prototypes that came out probably 2005-ish? I swear I remember a girl in that set with crazy yellow hair, or maybe I’m the crazy one, but either way, I got deja vu looking at this one. #31 in the back, have to laugh at the stovepipe hat, good for them, I’ve always wanted to see a EGL Abe Lincoln Pullip. Finally, three cheers for the outfit on #29, the layers of patchwork are really cool and I love the silhouette of the blouse.

Pullip Prototype

Finally, there were a bunch of photos of overly elaborate royalty Pullips, none of which I cared for, except … is this Marie Antoinette? If so I say, “Let them eat Cake on Parade!” (God, I’m clever.)

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3 thoughts on “Doll Carnival 2007 Pullip Prototypes

  1. sarah

    i adore the marie antoinette pullip! i actually like the two dals in the front row on the left and right – the one on the right reminds me of a friend of mine, ha.

    and yes, that is scarlett o’hara! interesting, wonder if she’s actually going to be produced. i’d like fewer collaborations, personally . . .


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