Time for Zombuki Hanami Love

It’s time for some Hanami love. Emily, Hanami’s patron and owner of Follow the White Rabbit, posted some awesome photos and a very sweet writeup of the Zombuki feature in Haute Doll. I asked her permission to blog some of her adorable photos of Hanami with the article and she said of course, so here they are!

She looks so cute posing next to herself. Hanami was my first official Zombuki and Emily has always been and awesome and supportive (and awesomely supportive) friend.

Bonus photos!

Yesterday, I also found these photos while I was doing my annual cleaning of “the vault,” which is why I try to go through my photos one last time before I get rid of them. As you can see, these are from the photo shoot that was published in Haute Doll Magazine.

More photos from the vault will be surfacing through the end of the year, I’m sure. Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a little extra Hanami love.

~ Brigitte

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