Sinus Infection Haiku Pt. 2

Three month infection-
I’ve become an adept at
Driving with my knees.

… inspired by my sinus infection flaring up again on Christmas day after me thinking it was totally gone ;p it was really bad yesterday but seems to have calmed down a bit. Why I can’t blow my nose one-handed is beyond me, but at least I’ve learned a new skill, lol.

7 thoughts on “Sinus Infection Haiku Pt. 2

  1. Brigitte Post author

    Is “world” two syllables or one? Wur-ld? Anyway, I took them right before I went to New York, it got better and then came back. A week ago I was like, “I’m finally completely better!” but not so, it seems.

  2. M

    “World” is so monosyllabic it hurts… unless, of course, you’re living in a Jim Varney film (“Ernest Goes to Intro to Poetry” perhaps). Putting aside the fact that you dare question me :) , I’d still like to express my sympathies. It is truly a shame that such persistent vexation has befallen so delightful a snout. Here’s hoping it didn’t put much of a damper on your holidays.

    P.S. Can we go back to e-mail correspondence? I feel like a stalker checking your blog so regularly.

  3. Brigitte Post author

    I’m not ignoring emails I’ve just been busy and ill in equal amounts. I had the same issue with the word “soil” – I AM Southern, you know.


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