Sinus Infection Haiku Pt. 4

Avelox, heal me,
Don’t reign down harsh side effects,
Cease my suffering.

Went to the doctor again yesterday, got a stronger antibiotic, my body isn’t in love with it, so to speak, but if it cures my infection I’ll tolerate it. Oh, and after the insurance, the 10 pills cost $100, so it better be amazing.

7 thoughts on “Sinus Infection Haiku Pt. 4

  1. Brigitte Post author

    Thanks you two :3 I’m hanging in there!

    @ jem: lol, well haiku is a kind of Japanese poetry where the syllable count for the lines is 5-7-5. The point is to make me feel cool ;3

  2. Jem

    I know about the syllable count part.. I just don’t “get” it. I mean, they don’t rhyme for starters! ;) I know, I know, not all poems rhyme :P

    (PS. I forgot to say get well soon in my last comment!)


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