Megahouse Animal Furniture Set 1

As we all know I’m nuts for doll house miniatures, but I’ve been very Re-Ment loyal … until now! While I still love Re-Ment I adore this series of animal furniture from Megahouse, and after eying it for ages I’m thrilled I picked it up. Everything was so well made and amazingly detailed, I’ll be posting photos of the other sets over the coming week.

Megahouse Animal Furniture Set 1

This set includes a little piece of flooring, the bear chair, table (with a paw print on the underside of the base), two bear donuts, bear-shaped plate, and bear serving set. I think it’s the serving set that really blew me away, it’s a teapot with lid (head), mug (torso) and coaster (feet). So detailed!

More photos …

Megahouse Animal Furniture Set 1

One thought on “Megahouse Animal Furniture Set 1

  1. My great-aunt used to have a collection of miniatures that I loved to look at when I was little. I just love the detail that is in them! They’re like REAL furniture!

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