Re-Ment: Moments in Cake

Re-Ment Strawberry Cake

Below you can see the lovely Bijou modeling Set #1 from the Re-Ment “Bean, Egg, Strawberry” series. The feeling is that, if the cake is bigger than you are, you’re having a pretty good day.

Re-Ment Strawberry Cake

I must say, the set is quite cute and detailed; the plate is strawberry shaped and the top tier of the cake is removable.

Re-Ment Strawberry Cake

I’ve been wondering, has strawberry been officially crowned “world’s cutest food” or something?

Re-Ment Strawberry Cake

Perhaps the, shall we say, over prevalence of strawberry goods is annoying to some, but then again, “ichigo otaku” (if you will) are able to roll with pink and red doll houses in style.

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