Happy Freeness! Zombuki Mini Photos

March is one of my favorite months and April happens to be Hanami’s birth month, so I have lots of fun things planned between now and then (including more photos of Andalusia tomorrow). To kick it all off I decided to make a set of super cute, awesome, high quality miniature 8×10 photos for the doll house. Here’s the best part: they’re free! That’s right! I just wanted to do something fun for everyone so here they are, totally free to anyone who wants a set.

Zombuki Mini Prints

The prints feature Masai, Hanami, Coco, Qilin, Arabella, Galupe, Miho, Kimi, Palimend, and Andalusia (12 prints in all). They’re professionally printed on heavy cardstock with a glossy finish.

Zombuki Mini Prints

If you want a set all you need to do is send a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to the address at the end of the post, and the envelope will be returned to you with the set inside. It’s on a first come first serve basis but I made a lot of sets so I don’t expect to run out quickly.

Zombuki Mini Prints

Right now I’m probably going to have to restrict this to people in the US since I’m pretty sure it has to have US postage on it to get to you. If you can find a $0.90 US postage stamp though, I’m more than willing to send it your way. Also, any left over sets will be given out as freebies when I open the new Zombuki shop on Etsy.

Zombuki Mini Prints

Update: These are no longer available. I hope everyone who received a set enjoys them!

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