Studio Photos: My Ume

For some reason people seem to think I don’t keep any of the Zombuki for myself, I guess they’re just forgetting my darling little Galupe* entirely. Despite this I decided a few months ago that Hanami needed a little sister quite badly, and so I made Miss Ume, full name Ume Boshi Dust …

Zombuki Ume Studio Photo

I just finished her this morning, her glue is drying as we speak. So exciting! What is Ume anyway? Wikipedia to the rescue! Ume has the same pink hair as the streak in Hanami’s, made by lovehaze quite a long time ago, and Shu Uemura real feather eyelashes that I couldn’t possibly love more.

Zombuki Ume Studio Photo

Sorry the photos are so yellow, they were taken in my studio last night, and my desk lamp makes everything look yellow. I’ll be taking a real shoot with her soon but I was way too excited about her not to post something.

Zombuki Ume Studio Photo

Finally an announcement: I am going into semi-retirement. This means that I’m not sure when I’ll do pre-orders again this year, if at all. I’m going to keep making Zombuki, but because of work and school I never seem to find time to make my girls, like Ume. I have a lot of ideas I need to get out of my head and then we’ll see what happens … not that anything will change for most of you, but still worth announcing for some.

* Galupe does technically belong to my partner, but she lives with me

8 thoughts on “Studio Photos: My Ume

  1. Rachel Nadine

    Aw man, I knew I should’ve saved up for a Zombuki when I still could’ve :( I hope you won’t stop making Zombuki’s for pre-order completely! Maybe I’ll get lucky with the drawing on your Etsy, who knows :)

    And Ume is adorable! She definitely looks like she could be Hanami’s sister :) She has the sweetest face ever!

  2. Becca

    Oh, wow!!! I adore her! And the name “Ume” and “Hanami” go so well together considering that Hanami is based on sakura blossoms. X3
    She is a beautfiul, beautiful girl and I can’t wait to see more pictures! :D

  3. Sarah

    I also wondered about you not really keeping many Zombukis. It’s a shame that others might miss out on owning one themselves in the next year but yay for personal time! I look forward to seeing what pops out of your head in the next year ^_^

  4. Brigitte Post author

    Thank you all :3

    @ rachel: I won’t stop completely but it will be a while :3 I still have ideas I want to make but I know I won’t want to keep long term.

    @ sarah: Trust me, if I could afford to make them without selling them I wouldn’t have ever sold a single one! The good thing though is that I’ve become friends with some of the owners who I probably wouldn’t have met any other way, which is a big silver lining. Plus everyone seems to love their girls as much as I would have if I had been able to keep them, some more! That always makes me feel better when I miss them!

  5. Sarah

    Well it definately is great if you met some good people through this. I can assure you that Lily will be coming to a home that will adore her, too. I haven’t even seen her and she’s already got her own special wardrobe exclusively for her built up and a room in the making :D

  6. Brigitte Post author

    @ emilybee: So is Ume! It’s been a while since I made Galupe so the desire to keep one was growing.

    @ sarah: Absolutely! I know you’ll have a great home for Lily, I just scalped her base yesterday actually, yay!


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