Driving Haiku

Drive dangerously,
You put your faith in my eyes;
That trust is misplaced.

… When people decide to do amazingly dangerous things on the road in front of slash next to me I guess, in a way, I should be flattered, because it’s an amazing display of their faith in my reflexes, a vote of confidence, really. They say, “I trust you so much that I’m willing to fling myself in harm’s way without even a moment of trepidation, because I know your reaction time is so amazing that there’s no way my property will be damaged or me and my loved ones will be hurt, not with you on the road.”

Funny thing though, I have bad eyesight, and earlier this week when my optometrist recommended new contact lenses; I realized quite suddenly that I everything was blurry while I was driving. Yeah, everything. So for about 2 days (before I gave up on her experiment) I was so distracted by my own poor vision that I probably shouldn’t have been driving, but the kicker was that I had to.

I, for one, really sympathize with old people drivers (or at least most of them), it’s not like I’d want to kill someone on the road, but if you pull out at 10 mph a few feet in front of me when I’m going 45 mph there’s no promise that I can stop, and even less when my eyes are impaired. Perhaps something to think about next time you just really wanna go in traffic. You might end up dead and I might end up serving time for involuntary manslaughter, and neither of us want that now, do we?

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