Zombuki Photos: Strange Sisters

Zombuki Ume and Hanami

Hanami has come to visit the Zombuki spa, plus to meet her sister Ume, so I had to get some photos of my strange cherry blossom girls together. Hanami has a new Obitsu and some other tweaks, so now Emily can enjoy Hanami 2.0 (as she calls her). I also decided to have fun with crazy over-saturation, just because I wanted to …

Zombuki Ume

The girls decided to go semi-scandalous as I came to the humbling realization that I have mostly bottoms and almost no tops.

Zombuki Hanami

All this talk of sisters has reminded me of my friend Melanie, who used to sing “White Wedding” to her cat, Sunny.

Zombuki Ume and Hanami

Oh, plus Happy Easter to those who celebrate. I don’t, unless you count me making myself sick on Sweet Tarts jelly beans while playing Persona 3 a “celebration” … which you might.

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