My Kind of Easter

When I found these Hello Kitty Easter eggs at Target I knew it was going to be my kind of Easter :3 aren’t they awesome?

Hello Easter Eggs!

They’re probably on sale now for like 1 cent a pack, for those who want to pick some up, I think they’re quite unexpectedly cool, unlike the Batman head Easter eggs, which were just unsettling.

Hello Easter Eggs!

I know this post is a few days late but I’ve been surprisingly busy with school work, hmph!

4 thoughts on “My Kind of Easter

  1. Crystal

    I love them! And the photos are awesome with all that green…stuff.

    What did you use?

    I need to take photos lessons from you. I tried using fabric and a lamp for taking pictures of my dolls, and it didn’t turn out right.

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  3. conni

    I am a hello kitty fan since I was little ..:) thanks for the post..I should look up Target.
    BTW, great shot..what camera and lens do you use? I am planning to get one..any tips?


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