Zombuki Photos: Hanami 2.0

Zombuki Hanami’s stay here had to be really brief, but I’m so happy to have gotten some new photos of her as Hanami 2.0. As an homage to my dear Miss Emily I’ve dressed Hanami in Fairies of Darkness swag, which I think looks quite charming on her.

Zombuki Hanami

As you can see, a few changes have been made to her original design. The red designs on her inner eye area are gone, which I think brightens up her face a lot, and the peach is removed from her lips, leaving just the red in the center. I feel like Hanami’s 2.0 design is much cleaner, and I’m really happy with how she looks.

Zombuki Hanami

I uploaded a ton of photos this time because I really couldn’t decide which to use …

Zombuki Hanami

Since Hanami was my first design she’ll always have a special place in my heart. It also makes me extra happy when friends of mine are the ones to give my girls homes. That way it feels like they aren’t completely gone.

Zombuki Hanami

Hopefully, next time Hanami visits Florida she’ll have Emily with her and we can obnoxiously spam everyone with colorful pictures. Below is a gallery of all the photos from Hanami’s final photo shoot. I hope you enjoy them!


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