Fake Band Names – Edmund Burke Edition

What follows is a list of awesome fake, or if you prefer, “not-yet active” band names culled from Edmund Burke’s Enquiry Into the Sublime and Beautiful

Affect the Passions
The Great, The Rugged, and The Negligent
Habit of Reasoning
The Learned Voluptuaries
Rectitude of the Judgement
The Remarkable Contrasts
The Rude Hearers *
Shun the Right Line
The Strong Deviations
The Sublime and Beautiful Compared **
Uniform and Distinguished
The United Objects

So feel free to name your band after one of these, as far as I know none of them are taken, just don’t forget to ask me to do your album art.

* Should probably be a ska band.
** Probably a better album name.

2 thoughts on “Fake Band Names – Edmund Burke Edition

  1. seth

    i’m laying claim to ‘shun the right line.’ obviously we’re post-punk cold wave with a dash of italo-disco and industrial synth pop. with a dash of trance and trip hop.


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