Re-Ment Princess Tea Party

An upcoming Re-Ment release is Princess Tea Party which is way fru fru and pink beyond imagination. Of course that means that I love it and in the set of 8 there are 4 that I must have …

Re-Ment Princess Tea Party #1 Re-Ment Princess Tea Party #4

The images open in a new window which is really worth checking out because the little descriptions underneath each image are really strange and sweet. #1 Crown Motif Tea Set is a no-brainer, I mean come on! It’s castle shaped, people! I can’t resist that! #4 Afternoon Tea In The Garden has claw-footed tea cups, how funny is that. The tier is really funky and, even though the base isn’t super elegant, I still think it’s cool. Thinking about it, there’s a real Importance of Being Earnest feel to this set, at least for me.

Re-Ment Princess Tea Party #5 Re-Ment Princess Tea Party #7

#5 A Rocking Horse Cutlery Stand can move up and down and comes with a tiny horse which I’m just in love with. The birdcage design of the stand is really interesting, too, I find myself rather enchanted with this one. Last but not least is #7 Pastel Tea Party, which is great all-around. The bird, the use of gold (which I normally don’t like), the stand, and the color choices are all spot on. So there you have it! My must-haves for the set, I’m looking forward to seeing them in person!

Images by Re-Ment (official release photos)

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