Hello Kitty Urban Vinyl Series 2: Green Kitty

Collection of Series 2 must-haves is now 50% complete! Green Kitty (Birds and Flowers Kitty) is just so very green, wowsa! You can click on the images below to view them larger …

Green Hello Kitty Front

I ended up buying her from ebay like a total cheater, from someone who charged $15 shipping of all things, but it was worth it (?) in the end since I really only wanted about 4 figures from this Series. Remember last time? I spent about $200 and Rachel still had to get me two I was missing! Mushroom Kitty and Rainbow Kitty, here I come!

Green Hello Kitty Back

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Urban Vinyl Series 2: Green Kitty

  1. TheWorldsDresser

    Hey girl – did you know that MAC Cosmetics is coming out with a Hello Kitty collection in the spring! Folks are going nuts over it already!!

    And about Project Runway – I’m totally the leader of Team AntiKinsey, but I LOVED that wedding dress. LOVED it.

  2. Brigitte Post author

    Hey ^__^ thanks for your comment. That’s so awesome, I’m going to be all over it, their Fafi line was stellar.

    I know, right? I feel so conflicted now. I mean I don’t even want a wedding but if I could buy that dress I’d seriously consider having one. Or just wear it to the grocery. Whatever. I want it. lol ;3


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