Free Resin Candy Necklace Treats For Halloween!

Trick or Treat! I’ve been wanting to do a blog giveaway for a while now and figure there’s no time like the present! So here’s October’s blog giveaway, resin treat necklaces!

Resin Treat Necklaces

So how do you win one of these sparking, candy treats? Easy, just leave a comment on this post! At the end of October between 1 and 4 lucky folks will have a congratulatory email waiting for them! Just reply to that email with your mailing address and one of them will be on its way to you. Happy Halloween everyone!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your awesome comments! They make me smile every time I see them!

The official results have been posted and this month’s giveaway is now closed!! Please view the results in our Halloween post! November’s giveaway will be posted tomorrow.

67 thoughts on “Free Resin Candy Necklace Treats For Halloween!

  1. Lisa

    Ow wow your things are so wonderfull! Offcourse i want one of these awsome necklaces! Goodluck selling all your things :D

  2. Lori

    Ooo, I have to try! I’d love to order more of your stuff, but funds have been going to other things lately.

  3. Daisyannesmile

    B all your stuff is so amazing!!! The are adorable and I wish I could buy all of them!! You do great work!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!! smiles

  4. Gina

    Wonderful treats! I cannot imagine what I am missing out – we don’t really celebrate Halloween here (in singapore) even though I really want to :(

  5. Susan

    Great idea, Brigitte! and what lovely treats they are!
    Much luck to you in your upcoming show, too. I’ll be cheering you on!

  6. Heidi

    Those pendants are deliciously fun! I would love to win one for my niece – she just loves sparkles (and so do I – shhhhhh!)

  7. Hui Shan

    AHHHHH! SO cute!!! I would love to win one… Love your work! :) I shall subscribe to your blog so that it’s easier to see the updates… *cross fingers & hopes to win..*

  8. Melody

    This is my first time here on your blog! And i’ve never seen those before! WOW! Cuties! Great job… Love to see more of your work.. ;)

  9. Marigold

    My inner ferret is unfailingly drawn to all things sparkly.

    (But these things in particular, cause they’re super cute. It’d be like having a piece of Halloween in your pocket all year long, which would come in major handy once you hit the festive doldrums that always seem to preceed the 4th of July.)

    Happy haunting!

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  12. stephanie

    man i just love your little treats so here i am again hoping to get my hands on some :O) and not to mention that October is my favorite month and maybe i’ll get lucky this time

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