Studio Portrait Friday, November 28th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday, November 28th Edition

Happy SPF everyone! I just worked with resin in the studio for about 2 hours … rough! I either saved or ruined a bunch of cute jewelry. I have a Pullip keeping me company in the middle of the room as I take photos of new Zombuki necklaces, you can her above and them below.

 Studio Portrait Friday, November 28th Edition

So, let’s see, coming up I have lots of new jewelry, the November Blog Giveaway drawing, a trip to the post office (much to my chagrin), school work that I’ve been neglecting, more prep for AHB, putting up new Zombuki galleries on the site, releasing the Dormouse … yeah I’m kind of busy, come to think of it, help meeee!

2 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, November 28th Edition

  1. Kris

    Aha, I see you’ve plundered another loverly dress from Plonsjeroze.

    All the Pullip size dresses keep disappearing – I wonder why?

  2. Brigitte Post author

    @ kris: I think it’s me and London Calling fighting like alley cats when she releases new stuff because when ever I miss something that’s a must have it always ends up in LC’s photos, lol! ;3


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