I’m Back from the Bazaar!

Hey all! I’m back from the Atomic Holiday Bazaar, yay! It was so much fun. I had a blast and met a ton of super cool people. I’ll post more later but I wanted to share a few photos before I go collapse …

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2008

I, of course, only had my cell phone so I really have no good photos of the table. You takes what you can gets though …

Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2008

Here are the views of the able looking left and right, Dormouse was protected in her wee Re-Ment house, though I did take her out a few times, and every time her shoes fell off, sigh. Also, you can see how someone left trash next to my giant lime green “Z” – el rudeness!
Atomic Holiday Bazaar 2008

I think I’ll embellish the “Z” a bit more and put it in the studio. I look at it and I’m like, “OMG this thing is so stupid!” but I love it all the more for it!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back from the Bazaar!

  1. Brigitte Post author

    @ stockton: Thanks so much! :3

    @ karyn: Yay! You too, it was so nice to meet you! <3 <3

    @ stacey: Thank you! Yay for CA, I love it out there! :3


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