Re-Ment Cookie Gingerbread House Set

Re-Ment has a new set coming out in March 2009 and I’m going to have to say it’s one of, no, the greatest Re-Ment set of all time … Gingerbread Houses! Also known as, so I hear, Okashi Candy House.

Re-Ment Gingerbread House Set

When my friend Laina sent this photo to me I turned into a complete child and wanted to thrash around on the floor with excitement, then jump up and pre-order 5 sets.. I mean it’s pretty much perfect right? #5 maybe a touch weak but still great? I actually might order multiple sets, since I have to try and get the secret set on this one, so if you know you’re getting it you should email me and maybe I can just place one, huge order … like a madwoman … paying $30 for EMS shipping … for tiny cookie houses … for my dolls. Yeah, I should just buy some cats now.

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