Studio Portrait Friday, February 27th Edition

Happy SPF everyone! I have a lot of projects going on right now, and I’m hoping to take the newest Zombuki (Rewa) to the beach tomorrow so she can have her official coming out party this weekend. In the meantime …

SPF Kokeshi Doll In Progress

I’ve been working on a new Kokeshi that I’m really proud of! She still needs her display stand and card, but the doll itself is complete. It’s turquoise and yellow, one of my favorite color combinations, too. If you’d like me to hold her for you just let me know. You can also see lots of resin in progress, I’m trying to make more hair clips at the moment.

SPF Resin In Progress

Some new fairy tale things will come out soon as well, so that will be fun, and I’ve been concentrating on making more Spring designs, including bunny necklaces for Easter. I’ll also be making more things with metal elements, including these tiny beads that my friend Laina sent me. I hope to have more paperweights available soon, I ran out of resin but it’s back in my clutches once more!

Also, I’ll be having a huge Etsyversary destash event starting Sunday, so I need to take a ton of photos for that. It will include Pullip/Dal stuff so dolly people should stay tuned too.

One thought on “Studio Portrait Friday, February 27th Edition

  1. Sydney

    Busy much? I can’t believe how many things you’ve got going, and they all sound so exciting. That cake pendant is awesome. AWESOME!


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