Etsy Finds: drockphotography

You should know by now, I have a huge soft spot for rats, so when I saw drockphotography’s beautiful portraits of her rat, Sally, my heart melted!

Rat Photography at its best

How adorable are these? I know from my many rat photo experiences that it is not easy to capture these little creatures on film, and the photos above have such a sweetness to them that I want to just keep looking at them again and again. Rat photography at its best.

Rat Photography at its best

All images used with permission.

3 thoughts on “Etsy Finds: drockphotography

  1. d.rock

    Sally and I are so tickled to be featured here! We are constantly amazed by the large rat fan base out there. Thank you kindly!

  2. Ky Eliza

    Ahh! I featured Sally in a Treasury once because she looks SO much like my Sailor did! She’s so sweet.

  3. Brigitte Post author

    @ d.rock: You’re welcome :3 I think there are probably a lot of rattie lovers out there you wouldn’t expect!

    @ ky eliza: Aww :3 if only there were a Ratsy Club on Etsy! lol


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