Strapya World Tooth Game

So, all cell phone charm/netsuke junkies already know the greatness that is Strapya World, but their latest newsletter had something that they described as, and I quote, “Tooth Brock Game Manner Beans* and Hot Cakes ALL KAWAII Japanese Game” – much like men strive to be “all man” so does Tooth Brock Game strive to be “All Kawaii” …

Tooth Dice Game

I daresay it succeeds! The worst part is that, even though I have no idea what to do with the tooth dice game, even though it’s $20, even though my last impulse purchase(s) from Strapya are collecting dust, I still desperately want this redonkulous game! Maybe I can get it as a graduation present for someone in dental school so I can own it, momentarily, without the guilt of keeping it … hmm …

Japanese Tooth Game

* Manner Beans are used to teach (?) people how to use chopsticks and are “all kawaii” without argument.

Update: Links removed because they no longer work. Also I didn’t buy this and I wish that I had.

4 thoughts on “Strapya World Tooth Game

  1. Sam

    Hi, Do you still have this game. I have it but have lost the instructions. I was wondering if you could scan and send me a copy of them? Much appreciated. Sam


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