March 2009 Month End Report

Well it’s the end of the month! and that can only mean one thing, the March 2009 Month End Report is nigh! This month was actually a wonderful month for the Zombukis Love You shop, so let’s see how I did with those March goals I set for myself …
Etsy Mosaic March 2009

To refresh your memory the goals I set were …

  • Start Zombuki Tuesday Features – I think I’ll count this one as a success as I did start the feature (look for a photo shoot later today btw) and posted one Zombuki post a week, which was the goal.
  • Two More Shoots with Rewa – I got one finished, barring today, so I’ll count this as a half success.
  • Sell 25 Resin Pieces – I ended up selling 19, which I was really happy with, and it’s darn close to the goal. Plus I’m not counting the resin supply stuff or the Zombuki photo necklaces, which would have put the count over 25.
  • Keep Records Current – Yes! Plus I caught up on my February bookkeeping so everything is all ready to go for my quarterly sales tax payment tomorrow.
  • Reach 300 Sales Mark – Yes! Smashed this one, I’m currently at 379 sales (109 this month).
  • Clean and Organize Studio – Fail. It’s just as horrendous as ever, probably moreso. I think it’s officially reached the “nightmare disaster” stage.
  • Keep Shanalogic Stocked – Check, happy to say that I did this one!
  • Make Four New Kokeshi – I started four … but didn’t finish any. I listed Barrett but I think I technically finished her late last month, I honestly don’t remember now.

Okay, so not too bad, right?

7 thoughts on “March 2009 Month End Report

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  2. Merit

    I am in awe that you make goals, post them on your blog (wow!), and then ACTUALLY DO THEM! (gasp!!!)

    Congrats on all your success!

    (Off to scribble down some goals for April, which will not get posted on my blog because I am a coward.)

  3. Brigitte Post author

    @ filipa: Thank you! You should try it :D

    @ elise: Thank you <3

    @ merit: Thanks so much! ^___^ I have to post them or I won’t feel accountable at all, it helps keep me motivated!

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