Recent Custom Pieces

I wanted to post a round-up of some recent custom work; it’s always a pleasure!

Custom I DIE Resin Necklace

My most recent and most favorite is I DIE, a piece for my pal Sydney inspired by the Rachel Zoe Project … I also feel it’s quite Shakespearean* … and sparkly!

Custom Plays With Dolls Necklace

The reason I haven’t put many new Plays With Dolls Necklaces up lately is because I’ve been getting lots of custom orders for them, this sky blue was one of the first, such a pretty color!

Custom Mermaid Resin Necklace

The Mermaid Necklace was made a while back; it isn’t technically a custom, but found a home before I listed it so I never posted it.

This fab-awesomeness has homes but I’m always thrilled to accept more special requests!

* See also Anthony and Cleopatra

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