Studio Portrait Friday, May 15th Edition

Happy Friday everyone! Once again I bring you Studio Portrait Friday! Also, I have an announcement:! Glow in the Dark Week will begin on Sunday. So come back over the course of next week for lots of GID goodness …

Studio Portrait Friday
First up, my preparations for Kokeshi Week, which I plan on having in June, are underway (yay)! I hope to have quite a few available by then but they take more time than you’d perhaps think. I ordered all kinds of fiddly bits for them yesterday so I’m pretty excited.

Studio Portrait Friday

Meanwhile, I’m planning a Zombuki photo wall for when I move into the new house (a month away)! I printed a ton of 5 x 7 photos from my favorite shoots and I’m currently, as you can see, arranging them in the living room. I’ll definitely post photos when it’s up.

Stop back later for the May Blog Giveaway launch and have a great Friday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, May 15th Edition

  1. sydney

    all kinds of fiddly bits

    I absolutely love that turn of phrase. Perfect description. They look like so much fun!


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