Hello Kitty x Tokidoki = Netsuke

Had a bit of a rough day yesterday, but nothing cheers me up like new netsuke to look at and contemplate buying …

 Hello Kitty Tokidoki Netsuke

The Unicono one is amazing! So girly. Of course $20 is a LOT to spend on a cell phone strap (not that I haven’t done it before, mumble mumble) so … I don’t think I’ll buy it even though I really want to … but if someone gets it for me I’m not going to turn it away.

Hello Kitty Tokidoki Netsuke

Here’s what Strap-Ya says about Tokidoki: “We don’t have to tell you about tokidoki, world-wide famous label. See the good-looking guy. He is Simone Legno, a creator of tokidoki brand.” In all fairness, they are correct!

Images from Strap-Ya World (links removed because they no longer work).

4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty x Tokidoki = Netsuke

  1. Hitomi

    Too cute *___*, but my wallet is empty XD (but i probably wouldn’t buy it , it’s still a bit expensive just for a cell phone strap… XD)

    “[…]if someone gets it for me I’m not going to turn it away!” << haha, same thing here. XD

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I completely agree! I saw these super cute TD shoes at Nordstroms then looked at the price – $103!!! And most of the art was on the SOLE!!


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