Glow in the Dark Week: Thursday

Glow in the Dark Week pushes forward with new heart shaped resin necklaces in the ZLY shop. They feature two of the world’s awesome creatures: deer and squirrels!

Resin Deer Necklace
Today comes at you with heart and cream colored GID glitter, of the two colors of GID glitter I use the cream glows a lot more intensely, good times! On the left is the Deer Forest Necklace, which has pink accents, and on the right is the Squirrel Love Necklace, with metallic lavender accents.

Resin Squirrel Necklace

Remember to search my shop for “glow in the dark” to view all of the GID goodness that’s currently available! One thing I now realize (about GID Week) is that I should have made some things that weren’t oh, say, necklace? Oops …

Update: These necklaces are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

3 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Week: Thursday

  1. tealstripes

    Yay, a fellow WordPress Etsy seller! I love these necklaces b/c they look great in daylight, but just as awesome in the dark! Great ideas!


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