Studio Portrait Friday, May 22nd Edition

I was in the middle of a joint SPF/GID post when Etsy collapsed out from under me, so it looks like it will just be a SPF post this morning after all!

Studio Portrait Friday

On the left you can see new style kokeshi bodies in the studio, I’m working on a different variety in anticipation of the June Kokeshi Week event (so excited!). This one will be a bit larger than the standard size I’ve been using as well, they really dwarf the little ones though because they’re just so much … plumper looking.

Studio Portrait Friday

I’m also working on a fancy squirrel resin necklace thing, should be super elaborate and girly when I’m done, all in purple, blue, and green. I’m not sure if I’ll be selling it or not, actually, but my friend Sydney suggested I do more elaborate, over the top resin stuff, so I’m seeing where the mood takes me.

All I can say about the long weekend is “praise” and then “Jesus”! I have two deadlines (more like 3) and the sun hasn’t been out all week thanks so a freakish Florida-style week long rainstorm. Hopefully, I’ll get a lot done!

3 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, May 22nd Edition

  1. sydney

    YAY! I can’t wait to see the finished products! Also, larger Kokeshi? Please put me on the list. So delightful.


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