New Bootsy Resin Star Rings

It’s been a while since I listed any new rings, but I have a ton of them around the house! Pretty much every time I have leftover resin I cast star rings with it, and they’ve been collecting for months.

Purple Resin Star Rings

Choose your favorite color of Purple Resin Star Ring at checkout or you can contact me for multiple rings. I can make them in pretty much any color you can imagine too, so don’t be shy about asking for a custom order.

I also found, yes found, an extra Scatterheart Resin Necklace while I was cleaning yesterday, so it has been relisted. Yeah … I really need to clean the studio.

Be back soon!

Update: These rings are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “New Bootsy Resin Star Rings

  1. tealstripes

    Nice to find a fellow wordpress blog…These rings are so cute. I want to wear all of them at once!


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