GID Week Resin Bonus Day

Two resin items have popped up from Glow in the Dark Week, a la Wonderland Week, because that’s how I roll. Both are up now in the Zombukis Love You shop.

Resin Beetle Necklace

I don’t think these two could possibly be more opposite; the first is Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle Resin Necklace which is like a faux preserved insect and, thus, awesome. The second is the Avian Love Song Necklace which features be-crowned waterfowl falling in wuv.

Avian Love Necklace

The super neat beetle image was a present from my friend Laina, yay! She’s also responsible for all the “scatter” jewelry I’ve made. Remember to search my shop for “glow in the dark” to see all the neat GID stuff it has to offer.

Happy Wednesday, all!

Update: These necklaces are no longer available. Thank you for your support!

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