May 2009 Month End Report

Well it’s the end of the month (actually it’s the beginning of a new month), anyway, that can only mean one thing, the May 2009 Month End Report is here! This was a very slow month for the shop, so let’s see how I did with those May goals. I’m a little nervous …

May 2009 ZLY Mosaic

  • Big Restock to Shanalogic – Yes! I did this one early in the month, it was a straggler from April’s Goals so if I hadn’t gotten it done I would have shamed myself.
  • Finish/Release New Zombuki – I count this one as a success because, even though she wasn’t technically released in May it was because I was waiting for Zombuki Tuesday (today) to release Cheshire – check back for photos of her today.
  • Sell 25 Resin Pieces – Yes! I finally met this goal with exactly 25 resin sales. This has been a long running goal for me so I’m so amazingly happy I finally reached it. Giant hugs/props to everyone who helped, you all rule!
  • Finish Four Kokeshi – Yes! You haven’t seen them of course because Kokeshi Week is in June, but I completed more than four this month, including a big one for the Kokeshi Show in LA.
  • Reach 590 Sales Mark (100 Sales) – Failure. I got to 562 (28 sales short of the goal), which is still no sum to sneeze at, so I’m not going to complain, especially since I was out of stock on the ball chains for most of the month.
  • Start Packing for Move – … Yeah … no. What is wrong with me?! I close on my house in 8 days and have not packed even one box. Not even one. Not. A. Single. Box.
  • More Chiyogami Designs – Yes! I did this early in the month as well.
  • Bring Back Zombuki Magnets – I got this one done too! I released two different sets of Zombuki Magnets, having more actually Zombuki stuff in the shop is just something that has to happen, for the sake of logic if nothing else.
  • Make Zombuki Postcard Set – Did I make the set? Yes. Did I release the set? No. This one needs to carry over because it should happen any moment now. Wait for it … wait for it!
  • New Photos of Zombuki Valley – Wow. Epic fail. It’s disturbing that I didn’t get this done. Why must I end on a low note?

Well there you have it, May 2009, not bad for a pretty rough month. I’m looking forward to June, aka this month, which should be absolutely chaotic and insane because it involves me buying a house and then moving … for the first time in 9 years. Scream! I’ll post the June 2009 goals tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “May 2009 Month End Report

  1. mwr

    Wowzers, close on your house? I had no idea you were entering the ranks of the land-owners, though I guess now’s a good time to do it. Whereabouts is it?

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Yes! I can’t believe it either, really. I didn’t tell many people in case it didn’t pan out, you never know. It’s actually one street up (closer to Tarpon) than the place I’m at now. LOL!

  2. mwr

    Yeah, this list thing is totally motivating! I don’t understand it, but since I can’t feel God’s horrible wrath breathing down my neck when I sleep in in the mornings it’s nice to know that an un-crossed off item will at least get me out of bed :).

    Well, finger’s crossedly congratulations! It must be nice not to have to move your things too far. Hell, you don’t need to pack, just gingerly place everything into a u-haul if you’re that close.

    Anyway, I will keep you posted if I get this job. Zoh has been wanting to see ‘where I grew up” for a while now (for reasons I can’t fathom) so if we make a trip down we will totally hang out and maybe to go the castle.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I’ve heard great things about Zoh so I’d love to meet her and see you again <3 OMG, philosopher dancing … imminent!

      Thanks re: the house, I plan on doing the slow move, where you pack 5 boxes, drive over, unpack, repeat … god I suck! LOL

      I highly recommend the list btw, it's like a small fire under the butt all the time, which I need, because my natural tendencies are towards slack.


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