July 2009 Goals

Well you know I wouldn’t know what to do with myself without my monthly goals post.

  • Sell 20 Resin Pieces
  • Reach 700 Sales Mark (75 Sales)
  • Reprint and relist the Squirrel Haiku Zine
  • Finish/send custom for Munny Grubbers show
  • Finish/list at least 2 new kokeshi
  • New photos of Zombuki Cheshire and get her home
  • Start listing “vintage” stuff on Etsy discovered in move
  • Close on House and Move
  • Buy Ikea Furniture for House and Build It
  • Paint Room in New House

Some, the moving ones, are from last month since I didn’t close like I was scheduled to, but that is set to change as of first thing this morning. I’m officially nervous, y’all! Expect my internet to be sketchy over the next few days starting tomorrow, just FYI.

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