Studio Portrait Friday, July 24th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday July 24   Studio Portrait Friday July 24

Happy Friday everyone! I slept in horribly and am in need of a deliciously affordable McIcedCoffee so after this post I’m going to run out the door … oh and I have to get gas, drat! Anyhoo … as you can see I’m finally casting resin in the new house. After a HUGE hiatus there will be awesome new resin goodies (I hope) in the shop within a week. Huge sigh! It’s about time!

On the left you can see a progress shot of my Munny Grubbers show custom which has had a LOT more work done on it since I took this photo … It needs to post early next week so wish me luck! Eep! The wings are what’s really taking forever now. While I love them and I’m thrilled I was able to find some (broken ones) the number of layers you have to do to make the color really bright is maddening, lol. There’s been plenty of nights that I just did a set of layers and then went to bed just because if I didn’t work on it every day they’d look sloppy and nobody likes a sloppy Munny!

Have a good Friday all!

4 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, July 24th Edition

  1. Dan

    Hey cool munny doll!! Can I ask, did you use a sealer to stop the paint coming off on your fingers? I am using marker pens and pencils.

    1. Brigitte Post author

      I sealed it once I was finished, I just used Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Sealer, but for pencil you might want to get a spray sealant :3 Hope that helps!


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