Special Announcement …

So I have a special announcement today and it is, surprisingly, not the hair photo below that has almost certainly distracted you into, possibly not reading this at all …

   Blue Brigitte of Happiness

At least to put it in those somewhat Etsy-ian terms. I am now full time artist slash crafter slash graduate student. I’m thrilled and scared and … blue haired … Today is my last day at the office so I’ll post photos of that tour at some point over the weekend.

Wish me luck, won’t you?

28 thoughts on “Special Announcement …

  1. You look really great in blue! And your hair cut is awesome too :D
    And about quitting your Day Job, I envy you! But I’ll do it someday!
    And yeah, I wish you a lot of success!

  2. OMG!!!! I LOVE your blue hair!!!!!!!! It looks amazing!!!! CONGRATS and GOOD LUCK with everything, I know you’re going to shine brighter than you already do! ♥

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