July 2009 Month End Report

Well July is quite over and I’ve been a touch slackadasical about posting the month end report, oopth.Zombuki Munny Slade

  • Sell 20 Resin Pieces – Super fail! I only sold 9 last month, though I will say I didn’t list any new resin last month, so I kind of saw this fail coming, darn move! This will be remedied with enthusiasm in August, I have a bundle of sweet new designs in the studio now.
  • Reach 700 Sales Mark (75 Sales) – Fail! I got to 680, so 55 sales last month, but I’m not going to complain about it.
  • Reprint and relist the Squirrel Haiku Zine – Yet another fail. This is just getting depressing! Though I will say that I found the proof for the zine (which need my website address updated) and didn’t lose it in the move, two very important steps toward actually printing it.
  • Finish/send custom for Munny Grubbers show – Yes! Finally some success! Slade, above, was finished and shipped on time, I just love him to bits too.
  • Finish/list at least 2 new kokeshi – I finished them at least! They aren’t listed though. I’ll have to carry this goal over/update it since it’s so close to done.
  • New photos of Zombuki Cheshire and get her home – …. Maybe I should retire the goals post. This one actually must happened in the next few days, so it will be close, though another technical fail.
  • Start listing “vintage” stuff on Etsy discovered in move – Another fail. It’s all in a tidy little box in the living room, but I have torn feelings about this since I feel like I’d be junking Etsy up by listing a bunch of My Little Ponies, even though they are technically “vintage” … thoughts?
  • Close on House and Move – Yes! Can I get bonus points for this one since it involves (somewhat) successfully buying a home?
  • Buy Ikea Furniture for House and Build It – I didn’t build it, because I’m a weakling, but it is bought and built and fabulous! I even scored a sweet, sweet $80 gift certificate by signing up for their lame 20% interest Ikea credit card (don’t worry I paid it off already). Wonder why the US has so much personal debt? Thank the 20% interest Ikea credit card and all it’s brothers and sisters …
  • Paint Room in New House – Heck to the yes! It took me 3 days and I still see spots I missed. Better put touch up on the new list … anyhoo, yes, it’s painted and fierce.

Well there you have it, folks! I managed to plow through some really hard stuff and f(l)ail on some really easy ones, but here’s to August and mille tendresse to every single one of my customers. I luff you all!

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