Dad’s Birthday Collages

Dad's Collages

Say hello to Dad’s Birthday Collages 2009! It’s a yearly tradition and I believe we’re up to 27 now. Dad puts them all in a photo album, which is why they have to be 5″ x 7″. I made four for him this year plus one extra for someone else, I was on a roll, baby! It actually made me miss doing collage, which is something I’ve done off and on for probably close to 15 years now, so maybe you’ll start seeing more from me again. Come to think of it I really miss making ATCs …

2 thoughts on “Dad’s Birthday Collages

  1. ICandee

    These are amazing and what a great tradition to have with your dad! I am so into making ATCs at the moment…although I still have a collage waiting to be completed. lol

    1. Brigitte Post author

      Thank you! <3 I was really in to ATCs for a while and kind of feel the itch to make more again. I have so many half-complete collages, lol, you're not alone!


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