Blythe Love = Big Bling

Blythe Love Necklace

Since I went full time I decided to really only make resin stuff that I truly, truly loved, and this Blythe Love Necklace is the first in a series of Blythe swag that I’m crazy excited about. So excited that I already made one for myself. Also, I’m not sure I can get these images again so it’s very likely that each of these special bling necklaces will be OOAK. I’m also working on some giant Blythe paperweights.Blythe Love Resin Necklace

Also, just FYI, my router is busted so my internet access is really limited right now, so if you email a question and I’m slow to respond that’s why.

Update: This necklace is no longer available.

9 thoughts on “Blythe Love = Big Bling

  1. sarang

    just found out about your blog, and your work is great!

    don’t really like blythes, but this is awesome! looks so well made :D


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