Studio Portrait Friday, August 28th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday   Studio Portrait Friday

Welcome to Studio Portrait Friday everyone! The newest Zombuki is finished; it was awesome being able to post progress photos of her for all of you, now her wig is just being glued down (hence the rubber bands) and then it’s photo time. (She looks kind of stressed out here.) I’m really hoping the weather clears up this weekend, it’s been raining for days, but it IS August in Florida, after all. I believe I’ll be naming her Caurina, which is the Latin name of a subspecies of owl. Also, instead of a stuffed animal, I am custom making her a kokeshi in the paint colors that I mixed just to make her; she’s almost done and super cute!

In other Zombuki news, Cheshire is safely home, yay, and her final photos will be posted some time in the next few days. Have a great Friday everyone!

9 thoughts on “Studio Portrait Friday, August 28th Edition

  1. ICandee

    She looks amazing, her dress is so adorable! And isn’t it raining all the time in Florida, at least in the afternoons? That was my experience while there…I think I saw an ark go by at one point…



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