September 2009 Goals

Well you know I wouldn’t know what to do with myself without my monthly goals post. Hello September! Be gentle!

  • Sell 20 Resin Pieces
  • Reach 800 Sales Mark
  • Add Resin Sampler Lucky Dip to shop
  • Finish/List at Least 4 New Kokeshi
  • Add Mix/Match Charm Section to Shop
  • New Photos of Zombuki Caurina and Get Her Home
  • Finish Hanging Art in New House
  • Touch Up Paint in Bedroom
  • Totally Finish Unpacking Boxes, Seriously
  • Get Pest Control Guy Out
  • Finish Completely Moving Out of Old Place

Did you notice? Like, none of these changed from August, almost none of them! Also, sadly, a few days ago I may have lost something very precious to me, so I’m having a hard time keeping my chin up at the moment, but, I’m going to do my best. What else can you do?

3 thoughts on “September 2009 Goals

  1. sydney

    Totally Finish unpacking Boxes, Seriously

    Hey, you may find another stash of jewelry that you totally overlooked!

    Babe, I hope everything is ok. If you need me, call.


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