Studio Portrait Friday, September 11th Edition

Studio Portrait Friday

So after waiting two hours for my internet to actually work I gave up, dragged my laptop into the living room (the only place I can get a signal), and have jumped on neighbornet. So. Obnoxious. Bright House Networks, you just made … the list.

Anyhoo, Happy Friday! Above are some progress shots of a new kokeshi pair that I’m making especially for Halloween: Victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster! I’m such a dork. I can’t wait to start launching my Halloween stuff next week, I need to be extra well behaved about casting resin daily until then – usually I take a day or two off in between to keep myself from getting burnt out. After that I really need to focus on school for a while, it’s very hard to balance everything when you work from home, that’s for sure!

Also, in totally unrelated news, I made corn bread with my Ikea horse baking pan this morning an am about to devour it. Sounds like a good way to start the day to me!

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