Nesting Doll Resin Necklace

Matryoshka Resin Necklace Matryoshka Resin Hair Pins

I’ve been very excited to add this Russian Nesting Doll Resin Necklace to the shop! Partially because it comes with a (free) matching hair pin, and partially because matryoshkas are just so rad, I’ve been very antsy to show this one off! Also I seem to be obsessed with this color of lavender glitter in my castings lately, so much for “Fall” colors.

Today I have much to do! The bug guy comes out (because I saw a huge cockroach 2 weeks ago and cannot get over it), then I’m headed down to Buffalo Gal Vintage in St. Pete for some bidness chat, then I come back home to, among other things, possibly ruin my bathroom by touching up my (blue) roots. Joy! I’m hoping to do a SPT with me in my ugly disposable shower cap so look forward to that gem* later! Maybe, if there is some kind of divine intervention, I’ll even start a new Zombuki today, el gasp!

* Originally spelled Jem, wow that says a LOT about me …

EDIT: The free nesting doll hair pins have all been given away! Thank you to everyone who took them home.

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